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Benefits of Cargo Container Architecture

Cargo container architecture is an innovative building process.  Because of their strong steel construction, cargo container units provide modern design with superior performance qualities. A few benefits of using cargo containers in design and construction:
 Cargo Container Architecture - Benefits


Cargo containers surpass building code requirements in every category.  Cargo containers travel over railways, roads and seas, sometimes stacked 10 units high.  They are able to carry up to 66,000 pounds, making them one of the strongest materials used in construction.  The containers also exceed code requirements for windstorm resistance and seismic activity.


Removing and reinforcing the walls of the cargo containers allow for large open areas. The floor and frame maintain great strength, with great potential for variation.   By opening the ends or removing the doors, natural light is able to flow deep into the space.


Due to the flexibility of cargo containers, designers can create endless variation to building plans. The steel containers can be arranged in horizontal, vertical or diagonal positions as well as twisted and turned for creative designs.


Cargo containers are built of CorTen Steel, a metal designed for bridges. CorTen Steel resists rust for hundreds of years, even in salty environments. Special coatings added to the exterior during construction mean the buildings could last indefinitely in any weather.


Over 800,000 new cargo containers reach the US each year.  Since the cost to ship back empty containers is greater than it is for countries to build new containers, they sit empty after their first use.  By re-purposing these containers in construction, the foundation of the build is a sustainable resource.  In addition, typical construction methods leak air as much as 15 times per day, wasting energy.  Shipping containers are air and water tight and to leak air only about 3 times per day.
Due to the look of the finished product is part of the appeal for the use of cargo container architecture.  Consumers demand the sleek and industrial aesthetic that cargo architecture provides.

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