5 Advantages of Living in a Small House

The tiny house movement has picked up a lot of steam in recent years.

Some people believe the movement has gained momentum due to increased living costs and others believe it’s due to younger generations becoming more eco-conscious. Regardless, this movement is much more than just another fad; it’s a renaissance.

Living large’ doesn’t have the appeal that it used to, and people are learning that living large comes with bigger expenses, and a bigger carbon footprints. Prospective homeowners are choosing to live small, and their beleaguered wallets are seeing the benefits. Plus, you can keep your fat wallet in your little home too, once you make the switch to small house living.

Not only is choosing to live in a small house an ecologically-friendly decision, but there are also tons of benefits to small house living, too. We’ve outlined the top 5. If you’re considering buying and living in a small house, check out the top 5 advantages of calling a small house your home below.

1. Lower Utility Bills

Utility bills are on the rise, and they won’t be going down anytime soon. If you want to save significant amounts of cash on utility bills over the course of your lifetime, then small house living is the way to go.

Decrease your square footage, and decrease your energy needs. Your air conditioning unit will only pump cold air when it needs to, and with fewer rooms to cool, the less your A/C unit has to work. You’ll experience lower electricity bills because you’ll have fewer lights to power.

Do you live where winters are harsh and seem to drag on forever? Worrying about how you’re going to pay to heat your house for months on end is a nightmare. With small house living, heating your home and staying comfortable in the dead of winter is less of a financial burden.
Depending on the climate where your small house is located, you can see your utility bills cut in half!

2. Lower Lot Price

Your small house living lifestyle will not only save you money on the back end of the purchase but on the front end of it as well. Small house lots are, of course, smaller. Less land to buy means less money you’ll need to pay for it. Living in an area with higher land prices is more accessible if you choose to live there in a small house.

3. Less Maintenance

Have you ever lived in a big house or even a ‘normal’ sized house? You probably noticed that something was always breaking. A crack in the ceiling here, a leak there . . . There’s never any peace of mind. Not to mention there is just more square footage to clean and maintain, thus increasing your overhead while you live in a larger home.

What do you get with small house living? Better peace of mind. The fact is, less stuff, equals fewer problems. With a smaller house, there is simply less room for things to go wrong. And since your house is small, you’ll find any issues more quickly than you would in a bigger home. And less square footage means less money spent on maintenance. It means you can better afford to fix things and get them fixed quicker, which will also save you money over the long haul.

4. Great Neighborhoods

Do you want to live in the hottest part of town, but struggle to find something in your price range? What if you could build or buy a smaller lot or house for an affordable price in a trendy neighborhood? It’s possible to afford premium real estate if you buy small. Sometimes, you can even rent land from the current landowner, and move your small house onto the lot in the most desirable neighborhoods.

If you’re struggling with finding affordable housing near your place of employment, a small house might be the solution to your problems. With a small house, you don’t have to go into debt up to your eyeballs to secure housing that’s close to work. You can live close to economic hubs of activity without breaking your bank.

5. Quick, Easy, Affordable Cleaning

When you live in a bigger house, you’re always running behind on the cleaning schedule. It takes longer to clean, and a big house requires more cleaning products. With small house living, you can avoid these hassles.

A clean home is important, but who wants to waste time and money cleaning more than necessary? With a small house, it’s a moot point. Also, if you’ve got a small house, it’s more affordable to delegate your cleaning tasks. A Roomba can take an hour to get your small house floors spic and span. And spending less time cleaning means you can devote your time to more fulfilling and fun pursuits. That’s why books on decluttering have become such best sellers in recent years. People are finally starting to learn that living large doesn’t mean you’re really living.

Speaking of decluttering, with small house living, you won’t have the room to acquire tons of stuff that you’ll never even use. Stuff means dust, more money, and time spent cleaning it all. Save money on your housing costs and spend it instead of fulfilling experiences.

Small House Living: Is It for You?

These are only a few of the benefits to small house living. We could write a book on all of the numerous rewards you’ll experience when you make the switch from living large to living smart and small. If you find yourself:

  • Looking for a viable, affordable alternative to the classic family home
  • Want to downsize
  • Are in the market for a single living space
  • Are tired of clutter and materialism
  • Don’t want to stay up at night worrying about a large house payment
  • Want to make an ecologically-friendly choice for your housing needs

Then small house living is the right choice for you. Check out the small house living movement. It’s an excellent way to build your dream home, and treat your finances and the earth with care. Are you ready to learn more about small house living? Then click here and get started!