Shipping Container Home Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

Don’t just think of living a life outside of the box – think of a life inside a box! Well, a shipping container, actually!

More and more people are choosing to live an alternative, eco-friendly lifestyle using recycled materials, and living in shipping containers. There are some great reasons to do so – they’re environmentally friendly, and less expensive than a traditional home. They’re also portable, in many cases, allowing you to have the freedom of moving wherever you want – and taking your home with you.

They’re also completely customizable. You can build your dream home, and have every part of it built to your specifications. So if you’re considering this lifestyle, you may need an extra “push” to take the next step.

And we’re here to help, with 6 shipping container home design ideas that are sure to blow your mind, and make you want to live in a customized shipping container home! Take a look below, and learn more about these unique shipping container home designs.

1. Add An Above-Ground Pool

You don’t have to skip out on luxuries just because you’re living in a shipping container home. In fact, because of the lower costs of constructing and maintaining a home built from old shipping containers, you’ll have more in your budget for “extras.”

So consider adding an above-ground pool to your new shipping container home! And because a shipping container ranges in size from 20-40 feet, there will be plenty of room for swimming. You can make it even more fun by adding windows, which will allows swimmers to peek out – and let others observe the fun!
And because the pool is underneath a shipping container, you can even keep using it in poor weather conditions, with no worries about lightning strikes or other issues!

Want to take things up another notch? You could also purchase a hot tub or spa – allowing you to relax in style in your shipping container home! The opportunities are limitless, and with the money you save on construction, you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget for a few extra luxuries.

2. Build A Green Roof

A flat, easily accessible roof? This is the perfect opportunity to make a “green” roof, and plant a garden on top of your home! If you’ve got a green thumb, you can do just about anything with your roof. You can create gardening plots where you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables, plant decorative flowers, crawling ivy, and much more.

Want to keep things more basic? You can just lay down some sod and grass on your roof. This has a number of great benefits. First, grass roofs look totally unique – further increasing the appeal of your home.

Grass roofs also have a number of other, real-world benefits. They reduce rain run-off, and increase the biodiversity of the landscape. The grass also helps absorb sound from the outside world, which is ideal for a shipping container home built of steel.

Grass and dirt are also great insulators, so having an exterior layer of grass and dirt can even help you save more on your power bills during the hot summer months and the cool winter.

Even if you don’t want to plant on your roof, you can still use it for eco-friendly purposes! You can install solar panels and rainwater tanks, or even just use it to store firewood for a wood stove or a fireplace. Your options are truly limitless!

3. Make It Portable

Mobile homes are no longer a thing of the past – they’re the wave of the future. More people than ever are seeing the benefits of having a movable home. You can take home with you, wherever you go – which is important, because more people are moving nowadays than ever.

A shipping container home can go wherever you go – so think about portability when considering what you want to do with your shipping container home. You’ll need to build it with a disconnectable base, and ensure that some of the walls can be raised or opened for easy transportation.

You’ll also want to take some basic steps to make sure the exterior and interior of your home won’t be affected by moving. This means reinforcing things like shelves, and using appliances that were meant for mobile homes, and can be kept in place easily.

A portable shipping container home is a fantastic investment – and even if you do end up settling down somewhere, you can still use it! Just drop it in the backyard (zoning codes permitting) and you’ve got a guest house you can use – or an apartment you can rent out!

4. Enjoy A Wall Of Natural Light

If you’re looking for a truly unique look, you could consider removing one of the walls of your shipping container completely, and finishing it with a large pane of glass, providing you with a wall of natural light that will flood your home.

There are a few things you should think about when doing this, though. We recommend pointing this wall north or south – because this will help you avoid the direct glare from the rising and setting sun, and help keep your home a bit more cool in the summer.

You may also need drapes or some kind of other window treatment, if your property can easily be viewed from the street, and you’re worried about privacy. But if you’re in a more remote location, this is less of a concern.

5. Add A Shipping Container To An Existing Structure

Don’t feel like committing to a 30-foot home, but still love the idea of shipping containers? You can use them to add onto your existing home or structures! Add a guest room or a home office to your house – by using shipping containers!
You can also stack containers on top of each other and place them next to each other to increase the size of the area – entire hotels have been built from shipping containers!

You can also add free-standing structures to your property, if it’s allowed by local building codes. Like we mentioned in #3, you could keep your mobile container home, and you could always place it permanently on your property once you purchase a traditionally-built home.

Or, you could add a guest house or a “granny flat” apartment to your property by building a shipping container home directly on your property, but separate from your own house.

You could even use your shipping container home as a pool house, if you’re building an in-ground pool, or use a shipping container to build a workshop, if you’re handy and looking for a way to get your power tools out of your garage!

6. Create An Outdoor Patio And Kitchen

Looking to create a truly unique home? You can create an outdoor patio and kitchen using a shipping container! If you have two shipping containers side-by-side, you can cut the main walls off of one of them, supporting it using struts, and use it as an awning.

Then, you can cast a concrete patio underneath it, and add things like a firepit, stove, sink, and even an outdoor refrigerator, to create the ideal venue for a summer BBQ!

Get Inspired By These Shipping Container Home Designs

These homes are sure to inspire you to ditch your tiny, downtown apartment – and downsize and minimize your lifestyle, to make less of an environmental impact, and live a more happy life.

The benefits of a container-based lifestyle are clear. Shipping containers are incredibly strong, yet lightweight and durable, and they’re flood and fire resistant. There are more than 800,000 entering the US every year, and they can be customized to your unique vision.  These shipping container home designs are sure to inspire you!

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