Custom Commercial Projects

SUNdog Structures provides creative solutions for our clients with commercial cargo architecture.  Cargo containers allows us to generate high-performance buildings with modern aesthetics and design.  We consider business goals and brand objectives to inform our designs, enabling companies to connect with their customers through innovative design and aesthetic.


One 8′ x 40′ cargo container, modified with a beautiful store front, is the perfect space for a Hertz rental office.  Cargo architecture allows for a customized, space and energy efficient design without sacrificing style and curb appeal.

Euro Cycles

A combination of vertical and horizontal containers, in addition to Sips roofing panels, creates this modern, sleek and stylish design.  The energy efficiency and durability of the cargo containers decreases costs and increases returns.  An inviting aesthetic provides an eye-catching storefront.

Horizon Palms Realty Office


Custom Commercial Cargo Architecture

These designs are just a few examples of the versatility of cargo architecture.  No matter the size and scale of your project, cargo architecture is the most cost-efficient, flexible and advanced option.  Schedule a consultation with our design team today!