Development Process

We offer the most advanced building systems in construction. We deliver precision, beauty and balance, infused with your unique style.  Following is the simplified development process to make your dream home come to life.

1 Initial Consultation

Welcome to the SUNDog Structures Family.  At our initial consultation, we will:

  • Assess real estate implications;
  • Discuss building requirements;
  • Evaluate the stage of engagement;
  • Assess zoning and regulatory requirements;
  • Evaluate site considerations.

2 Feasibility

In the second phase of your development process, we will:

  • Assess deed restrictions at the proposed building site;
  • Determine location ordinances;
  • Determine height restrictions for the building.

3 Design

The third phase of the process is the most exciting as we discuss:

  • Model choice;
  • Floor levels;
  • Finish choices;
  • Amenities.

4 Contract

It’s time to sign on the dotted line:

  • Design Contract;
  • Real Estate Contract;
  • Construction Contract.

5 Permitting

While your dream home is built, the permitting process begins:

  • General Contractor or SUNDog Structures will obtain permits;
  • Identify municipality permits required;
  • Assess permit fees;
  • Determine impact fees;
  • Prepare flood documents.

6 Completion

The keys to your new home are within reach:

  • Prepare and review construction timeline;
  • Deliver structure and complete Certificate of Occupancy.