Cargo Architecture - LaCroix Lofts
Multi-family project featuring 30 loft style units with balconies and a rooftop dining plan.
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LaCroix Multi-Family Project

The La Croix multi-family cargo architecture project is a 30-unit plan using steel containers.  Cargo containers placed in different directions provide maximum versatility and space efficiency.  The variety of facades creates an opportunity for select units to include optional private balconies.

Cargo Architecture – Modern Multi-Family

The LaCroix units are 30 loft style apartments.  Each unit utilizes four cargo containers, offering spacious living areas in a modern design.  In addition, the LaCroix building features rooftop dining, making it a unique and captivating destination for residents and diners.  This structure is perfect in an urban setting to provide a connected and approachable location.

The variety of unit floor plans available allow renters and owners to find the design that best meets their needs.  Modern finishes and amenities create clean, smart spaces.   The placement of the containers optimizes the space in each level and allows for select units to have an optional outdoor balcony.

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