Sundog Structures Featured on HGTV

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Shipping containers are an innovative way to construct all sorts of building types, from office to residential projects. With planning and imagination, you are able to produce buildings that will suit your needs and make a statement, emphasizing the strength of these structural building units.

16 Prefab Shipping Container Companies in the United States

By Annie Fleming / Published by Dwell – February 22, 2017

At SUNdog, we can build your dream. We design, fabricate and install our shipping container homes and buildings on your site. We work with homeowners, developers and businesses to create buildings designed to achieve your goals. Smart and sustainable, our buildings are designed to perform.

Brent Batten: Affordable housing that is shipshape

By Brent Batten / Published by Naples Daily News – February 6, 2017

Modifying shipping containers for residential use carries a cost, but proponents say container homes still come in under the per-foot price of traditional construction.

Local artist Derek Donnelly opens gallery made of shipping containers in Pinellas Park

By Kathryn Varn / Published by Tampa Bay Times – December 9, 2016

It was a different world from the Pinellas Park the local artist moved back to last month to live in a gallery and upstairs apartment built out of seven shipping containers. The space, at 5705 Park Blvd., is part of what’s now known as the Pinellas Arts Village in three blocks of studios, galleries and shops.

Development to use repurposed cargo containers

Published by Fox 35 News

The Dikman Company Assists CES Property Division With Strategic And Timely Placement Of New Tenant In Tampa

Published by Dikman – February 9, 2017

SUNdog Structures is working with leading developers and individuals to construct compelling shipping container design projects that provide unique and inspiring spaces.