Cargo Architecture - Live Work 03
2070 SQ FEET



Configured as the live/work studio gallery project, the two level building provides amazing views and can be situated in the woods, an urban infill lot or on the waterfront. It can be easily converted to retail with office above or as an office product.
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Live / Work 2070

The 2070 sf Live / Work cargo architecture building is based on the HGTV Container Home series model.  The design pays homage to an arts district area, with a storefront gallery, private studio and bath.  The Live Level is a beautiful 2 bedroom + 1 bath space that opens onto a private patio.

The modern steel structure is comprised of seven 40’ shipping containers.  A vertical tower is used to create a distinctive entry element that provides ample signage and street presence.  The glass storefront allows generous natural light to enter the gallery showcase space.

Cargo Architecture – Work Hard / Live Well

The lower Work Level features a covered entry opening into the front of the house gallery.  A private studio work space in the rear provides stair access to the Live Level.  The stairway to the Live Level opens to a spacious living area and kitchen.  The 1035 sf space features a 2 bedroom + 1 bath floor plan with sophisticated amenities and finishes.

The back of the Work Level opens to an outdoor area and a cozy patio on the Live Level.  When situated in a thriving work community, the rear area is perfect for workshops or enjoying the neighboring amenities and services.

This 2070 sf Live / Work cargo architecture building can be situated in a wide range of commercial loft areas, urban communities and more.  Discover the possibilities of a Work / Live space, an excellent way to reduce your cost of living, reduce your commute to zero, and minimize your carbon footprint.   Let’s begin designing your new space today!

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