Cargo Container Home - Bayshore 01
2100 SQ FEET



Designed to accommodate a full family and guests with the amenities that will satisfy the most discriminating homeowner.
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Bayshore 2100

This beautiful cargo container home accommodates a family, as well as guests, with the amenities to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.  Now you can bring the urban experience to infill lots in premium destinations with the home’s modern design.  This 2100 sf home works in narrow lots and emphasizes views and outdoor spaces.

The 500 sf ground level boasts a bedroom and living space, with a master suite available.  The second level is a 1,600 sf area with generous views.  Access to the large balcony provides another outdoor area to enjoy from the rear of the home.

The roof strength enables the potential for a rooftop spa without the need for additional supports.  The home can be transformed to a net-zero energy home with solar PV and solar thermal water heating.  The addition of closed cell insulation in the exterior walls, within an already airtight shell, greatly reduces the amount of heating and cooling required.

Cargo Container Home – Hybrid Plan

This hybrid plan features vaulted ceilings on the Main Floor level.  By altering the hybrid space, this plan can conform to odd-shaped lots.  The angle of the containers determine the size and shape of the outdoor balcony and patio area.

Discover why so many homeowners are building with cargo container construction. Strength, design options and sustainability of the construction are a few reasons these homes are so compelling.  As you prepare to build a new home, explore how the Bayshore is the perfect home for you.

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